Who's the best Harry?

As the famous song goes, "Where have all the people named Harry gone?" You may have noticed that wherever they have gone, most of them are staying there.

Let us celebrate the Harries we do have by explaining who they are and wondering who is best.

Harry Truman. Yes, he is not alive anymore. But he was also the president, and once you are given the title of "President" it stays with you forever. Which means Harry Truman is still the president! Is he the best Harry, because he is able to run the country even though he is dead?

Another Harry Truman. All we know about this Harry is that he is old and crotchety. Disqualified!

Prince Harry. Possibly the bravest Harry went to Afghanistan and almost died for his country (England). It should also be mentioned that although he is handsome in a ruddy and expensive way, his real name is Henry and not Harry.

Harry Anderson. This Harry is not only a celebrity but an actor and magician. He has never once worn tie-dye and gets angry at people who tie up dogs outside of supermarkets. If you want Harry Anderson in your living room and doing magic tricks for you, you can literally buy that here.

Who is your favorite Harry and are you a Harry too?


Akmat Nzamad said...

Where is Derek Smalls/Mr. Burns?
And why has Houdini escaped the clutches of a list of famous Harries?
And Truman is totally running the country right into his own grave. That's impressive, but not best quality...

Talia said...