The poll today.

Does it make anyone else uncomfortable when an episode of "The Simpsons" takes place in the future and the children's bodies are all distorted and it just doesn't feel right?


Rick Snee said...

Yes, but mostly because all the other adult characters have hair. The Simpson kids grow up to have Statue of Liberty heads, which may or may not have helped Lisa win the presidency.

It's also weird because Bart's been in the third grade for two years and fourth grade for at least twelve. How many years do you think it took him to reach his 20s? My guess is seventy-two.

Anonymous said...

Well Rick, you didn't think it through well. Bart, Lisa and Maggie all have blonde hair, which is why it is the same colour as their skin. Grampa also had blonde hair as a child ("Much Apu About Nothing"), and this was obviously passed to Homer through a recessive gene (while his dominant gene gives him brown hair). Marge obviously must have a blonde recessive gene too, which gave their children that coloured hair.

Rick Snee said...

Yeah, but what about the other non-Simpson blondes on the show? They all have separate hair: Kathleen Turner's guest appearance as Malibu Stacy's creator, Krusty's girlfriends, Ranier Wolfcastle, etc?