Happy National Tea Month

It's National Tea Month again everyone!

Did you know that the first tea was enjoyed 4,700 years ago, by an emperor named Shen Nung, in China? In January? Here's how it happened:

He noticed that if you put tea leaves into boiling water it turns into a good drink. Some people think that the tea leaves accidentally blew into his cup, but that probably isn't true because think about it.

More facts about tea:
  • Before everyone settled on two percent milk and Splenda a lot of tea was flavored with onion slices, which is true, I wouldn't lie to you about tea garnishes.
  • The most famous cup of tea was the one that Judas Iscariot slowly drank while he decided whether or not he liked Jesus.
  • The colonial tax on tea was only like one penny which wasn't even a lot of money back then. But you know people from New England, those guys like to get violent about anything.
  • Tea stopped having anything interesting said about it in the mid-1930's.
  • Halfway through his career Mr. T wanted to change his name to Mr. Tea, but everyone pretended to not understand what he was saying and after a while he just gave up.

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