The eighth wonder of the world.

What is the eighth wonder of the world? I think it's time to decide because there are like 300,000 candidates. Here are some various things that all want to be it. If you are a member of the Wonder Committee, please cast your vote:

  • The Palm Islands. A couple of manmade islands that are shaped kind of cool, but they are mostly used as theme parks. The wonders of the world need to be classy, and theme parks are as a rule not classy.

  • The Taj Mahal. Classy. But it is already very famous and does not need the publicity.

  • The Astrodome. Out of the running, because the guy who built it is the one who gave it that nickname. And also it is just a stadium with a roof over it. So what.

  • Andre the Giant. Pretty tall wrestler whose nickname was the eighth you know what. He was French, which is nice, because I think the wonders should all be from the old world to keep with the tradition. But again he was a person. (And a nice actor, and probably a very nice man, from what I can tell.) People out of the running. Even this guy.

  • The Thames Tunnel. A nice engineering achievement, but should it be considered? A tunnel is only air.

  • The Panama Canal. Again, a nice achievement, but the definition of a canal is "a place where there is enough not-land so that a boat can fit through."

  • King Kong (the movie, not the gorilla). TOO SAD.

  • The Terracotta Warriors. Giant things in China and most of them can't be photographed, so we don't even know what they look like! (Except for Chinese people who live near there.) This is a strong condender because they are old, myserious and probably scary.

  • The Baha'i Gardens in Haifa. They are in Israel, which is a pretty classic place to put a wonder of the world, but there already a garden in the original seven wonders. So I think this would be unfair.

  • Elizabeth Arden Eighth Wonder of the World Cream. Come on guys that's just dumb.

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