Lindsay Lohan is not proof that you are awesome.

Every time there is a young celebrity, and that person is not addicted to alcohol or methamphetamines, everyone makes a big deal out of it by comparing him or her favorably to Lindsay Lohan.

It has been broadcast for example that Mandy Moore is not like Lindsay Lohan, Daniel Radcliffe is not like Lindsay Lohan, Tara Reid is not like Lindsay Lohan anymore, and Anne Hathaway is especially not like Lindsay Lohan because she is both poised and modest.

If you are a normal person who sometimes gets drunk but not in front of video cameras, then you are not to be celebrated just because Lindsay Lohan is a person in the world.

And what about Lindsay? She's not a yardstick for your delinquency. She is just a girl who got addicted to drugs and is now in a sorry state. Don't do it any more please. Thank you, journalists and young celebrities.

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