True things about movies.

If the movie is the life story of a musician, when the musician is a child his father will either:
  • Force him into a musical career with such intensity as to give the boy a case of self-doubt that will last his whole life.

  • Disparage his dreams of a musical career because it is both impractical and not what the family has done for generations. (The father is probably a drunk.)

If there is a character who survived the Holocaust, at some point in the movie the tattoo on his arm will either:

  • Be seen by a small child, who will ask him what it is for.

  • Be seen by an adult, who will knowingly look at him with sadness.

If a woman gives her man a very old piece of jewelry before he goes off to battle, it will either:

  • Be given back to her by him, and it will be the happiest part of the movie.

  • Be given back to her by his best pal, and it will be the saddest part of the movie.

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