U Decide 2007

Should these things be called chick peas or garbanzo beans? Garbanzo is a fun word to say, but chick peas seems more respectful.

More facts to consider.
  • Is it a pea or is it a bean? It is a legume, so it's kind of both and neither at the same time.

  • "Chick pea" is of Latin origin and "garbanzo" is of Spanish origin. Yet ironically most of these things are consumed in a vegetarian eatery outside Berkeley, California.

So which will it be? U must decide.


Gary said...

Its funny, when I was younger I used to find chick peas on the ground all the time, and I thought they were little animal skulls. You can imagine how frightened I was when my mom brought a bag home and told me we actually eat those little animal skulls.

Anonymous said...

why were there chick peas on the ground all the time?


haha, this was amazing. you are incredibly funny.

Gary said...

Heh, the heck i know. Probably some kids bought a few bags and thought it would be fun to throw them around.