Assload of facts


  • "Rocket Man" was supposed to be a less scary version of "Space Oddity" that would not upset the children.
  • George Martin still gets sheepish and uncomfortable whenever someone calls him the fifth Beatle.
  • The man who wrote "Monster Mash" can't believe that in 45 years no one has written a better song about Halloween, but that's the way it is, and he's still making a lot of money off of it.
  • In "Cat's Cradle," the father was actually better off not spending time with his son because his son was an asshole.
  • After the Turtles named themselves the Turtles everyone was like okay, that's enough of naming ourselves "The" and then a word after it for a while.
  • Everyone got really mad about the song "Like a Rock" and to this day no one likes it.

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Helena said...

"Rocket Man" upset me as a child. I thought it was a sad tune!