The wrap-up montage.

In simpler times the most important scene in a sitcom episode was the heart-to-heart. The rules of this scene were:
  1. After much denial the truant party (you are probably picturing Stephanie Tanner) admits to an earlier wrong-doing.
  2. The more morally upright person (this time let us picture Chandler) imparts some wisdom that transcends the issue at hand and reaches the hearts of us, the viewers.
  3. (And this is an essential but forgotten rule) The mood is broken with a hilarious joke. (e.g. Joey walks in and demands a sandwich)
But people started to make fun of this scene (often to delightful results) and now it is harder to come by.

Which brings us to the new most important scene in television, which is the hour-long drama wrap-up montage. The rules are as follows:
  1. It has to start when there are only five minutes left in the show.
  2. All of the story lines that you have just seen in the last fifty-five minutes are wrapped up in a single shot where you see that even though everyone was whining about their problems they are secretly kind of happy. (e.g. The people who are probably going to get a divorce still like to smile while looking at their dog.)
  3. In the background, the main female character says things that are very broad and might apply our lives.
  4. Also in the background, a beautiful song is sung by a woman wearing mascara and a cashmere tunic.
  5. (Optional) Something very surprising and terrible happens in the last shot. (e.g. Meredith falls into a pool!)
This montage can be seen on Grey's Anatomy, Men in Trees, Ugly Betty and definitely many other shows. It probably should be made fun of.

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Helena said...

It should definitely be made fun of.