U decide 2007

What should the new generic question and answer that people greet each other with be?

For centuries this was the only option:

- How goes it with you?
- Quite well indeed.

and people were polite about it but kind of bored and anxious. Then the 20th century happened and everyone went crazy with new questions and answers to greet each other with. In WWII era most people said:

- How are you?
- Fine thanks.

which has retained popularity in some circles even to this day. In the 1960's hippies invented:

- What's up?
- Not much.

which in 1991 was briefly relpaced with:

- What's up?
- The sky.

but this interpretation was squashed within a matter of weeks, and the generic question and answer people greet each other with became:

- How's it going?
- All right. (variation: "pretty good.")

But people have gotten fed up with this lately, and they are demanding a new option for things to say when they see their sort-of friend and don't know what to say to them. What should it be? You must decide. Please select from the options below:

Option A.
- How are you feeling?
- Healthy and strong.

Option B.
- Where are you coming from?
- A good place.

Option C.
- Is it nice to see me?
- It is always nice to see you.

Option D.
- Why has it been so long since we have seen each other?
- Because you are in such high demand.

Option E.
- Do you like this outfit?
- I love that outfit.

Option F.


George said...

The person who worked at the film/photography equipment room when i was in college INSISTED on this exchange in this order:

she would say:
What's up?

you would HAVE to say:
How's it going?

If you did not, it would indicate that you, in fact, did not actually care how it was going for her at that moment.


Helena said...

The one I have grown to hate is one I noticed on programmes like "CSI"- they walk in and just say "Hey!" to which the answer is always "Hey!".


I stick to "Hullo!" if I'm in a rush and passing on by, or "Hullo! How are you?" if I can stop to chat.

If someone is depressed, it's better not to sak how they are, as it is too vague a question. Better to ask how today is going. This is easier to answer for tired minds...


Helena said...

I mean ask, not sak. Oops.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to this one:

- Hey, how are you?
- Five by Five.

I blame Joss Whedon and my love of uber-hot Eliza Dushku.

- The Jay

Rick Snee said...

I still have no idea how to respond these unconventional greetings I get at the bowling alley:

-What's the good word?

-What do you say?
-Nothing incriminating if I can help it. You?